Vision, Mission, Core Values


Driven by a great vision, mission, and core value which called as CP Way, CentrePark keeps moving forward to achieve its ultimate goals.


The development of CentrePark Business always guided by the vision and mission which help the Company to stay focused in reaching achievements. The vision and mission helps CentrePark to always strive for idealism by reminding the management and employees that we work together for the same goals, which will become the contribution in the Company’s long-term success.

Our Vision


To be the biggest parking company in Indonesia in 2020

Our Mission


To be number one in People,
To be number one in Technology,
To be number one in Infrastructure


Giving the best efforts, trustworthy, and having respect are the qualities to expect in each of the CentrePark’s employees, in addition to the capability to cooperate well.


Our hard work in the past 8 years has been paid off by the achievement of more than 260 locations across major cities in Indonesia, supported by over 5,000 employees. Nevertheless, we continue to improve our excellent services for all of our clients and CentrePark’s service users.


This third value is the affirmation of the company’s commitment to be responsible and maintain its commitment to all clients and partners. CentrePark always acts swiftly in coping with various issues in the field and priori- tizes its service to its customers.


Our respect to clients and employees is reflected in the compliance of responsibility with full and dependable commitment in any situation. We inculcate our employees to show care to our customers, considering that they are the executors directly in touch with the customers.

Our Core Value


CentrePark gives room for each employee to compete positively for the sake of intention to progress. There fore, we manage qualified human resources in order to compete with other parking operator service companies.

To maintain our commitment and qualified professionalism in business, CentrePark has core values called HEART; which is the abbreviation of Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork. These are the values we apply and establish into our business as well to CenterPark’s employees.