Product, System and Support


Our wide-range products system guarantees our clients’ for various needs of parking solution with precise and suitable implementation.

We have a wide-range product systems that may be adjusted based on the requirements of our clients and business partners, starting from initial consultation to implementation phase.

  • Auto-payment System by ZEAG
  • CMPS (CentrePark Manless Parking System)
  • RFID system integrated with CMPS
  • CMCS (CentrePark Mobile Cashier System)
  • CentrePark Mobile Online Report
  • CCPS (CentrePark Central Payment System)
  • CVS (CentrePark Valet System)
  • Parking Space Display
  • Parking Lot Sensor
  • Magnetic card system

We believe that with modern and advanced technology, we can give our clients simplicity and precise as a parking solution for them as the realization of our mission to be the number one in technology.

Advanced Technology


It is no doubt that we are the first and only parking operator in Indonesia having implemented:

  • Mobile Cashiers on street parking.
  • Smart Reminder Allows visitors to locate their cars easily by scanning their barcoded parking zone through their Smartphone.
  • Premium Parking – Auto-payment system Allows visitors to pay their parking fee in advance by various payment methods in a payment machine station and when driving out,they can drive through manless parking exit gate.

Supporting Services


Our team works 24/7 across Indonesia which consists of design and infrastructure, field preparation and implementation teams.


We also provide consultation for our clients during the initial stage of project design and development.