Our Journey & Achievements


As a national company, CentrePark is committed to help all to Indonesians achieve their dreams and to live their lives confidenly. In accomplishing the commitment, we are focused on providing manpower, technology and infrastructure of supreme vehicle depository by puting our customers in the central spot of everything we do.


As we continue to grow and move forward with you, we are proud of the prestigious awards and appreciations we have gained from various institutions, both government private organizations. Here are some of the awards and achievements we have gained this far:

award centrepark

Best Taxpayer in Bekasi and Bogor 

The Directorate General of Taxation awarded PT Centrepark Citra Corpora as parking service company showing obedience in paying taxes in Bekasi and Bogor in 2015.


ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 

In 2016 CentrePark received ISO 9001 accreditation for having complied with international requirements related to the quality assurance management services produced. Also in 2017 we received OHSAS 18001 recognition for our impressive health and safety management system (K3).

Affiliated to BOMA, RPM, APPBI

Our company is growing more conducive thanks to cooperation with various associations such as professional organizations consisting of people or business entities engaging in construction or property sectors called Business Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Indonesia. We are also partnered with the Association of Indonesian Shopping Center Management (APPBI) which allows us to enter shopping centers in Indonesia, and last but not least Retail Property Management (RPM) for our management services.


  1. Establishment of CentrePark

    The initiation of CentrePark in Indonesia was started by the establishment of PT. Centrepark Citra Corpora in 2009. At that time, supported by 75 employees, the first project was started in Bengkulu, namely in Bengkulu Indah Mall, followed by a house-shop area in Bali. We are still managing both of these projects to date.

  2. 19 Locations In 1 Year

    In the next year we grew into 21 locations and supported by at least 600 employees, spread across various cities

  3. Keep On Growing

    Within only two years since our establishment, we have been capable to enhance our partnership with leading property businesses in Indonesia. Our achievements grew to 33 parking locations with increasing number of employees to 900.

  4. 300% Impressive Growth in 2 Years

    Booming momentum of the property market at that time had led to our beyond average performance. The achievement of our parking locations leaps above 300 percent, from 33 to 103 locations with support of more than 2000 employees spread across Indonesian major cities

  5. CentrePark Brand Became Even More Recognized and Acknowledged

    In the next two years the name CentrePark received more recognition and acknowledgement from property business players, building managements, and the public as the brand of professional parking management service. 3500 employees joined us and our parking locations reached 165 spots

  6. We Are Ready to Serve You More

    Now, with the spirit and commitment to continue to innovate in developing the country, we have partnered in more than 260 locations across the major cities in Indonesia. Not only through the technological innovation developed, the achievement and best service are also reached thanks to the support of our 5000 employees.