Centrepark System




CentrePark recognizes that success only can be achieved through team performance. Human Resource (HR) is the main asset of the company. With motto “Your Trusted Partner“, we prepare them through the right process of recruitment. Success service school as our training facility and programs, provide our employees with various disciplines such as knowledge, starting from communication discipline, care, and skill. Our aim is to create to qualified work forces in the marketplace. Its is an open opportunity for all of our employees to sharpen their ideas and creativity so they could achieve good carrer level in the future.



  • Professional development stage
    Our system is not only built by system developer but also by parking operator
  • Integrated system
    Our Software system may be applied to various first class hardware
  • Clarity in Roadmap Development
    Certainty in developing the effective system
  • Modules Customization
    flexbility becomes our preority to support the various need a of clients



  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Division
    Our infrastructure team is solid team and ready to help the clients
  • Comprehensive consultancy in early stage
    Discussion stage on design and initial development
  • Preparedness for comprehensive review
    The stage to perfect the next steps for a better outcome
  • Massive Team
    Supported by massive and strong team we are ready to serve you
CentrePark System



  • Guaranted Income

Or commonly acknowledge as the “Rent”. CentrePark pays as agreed fixed amount each month to land / property provider.

  • Technical Assistance
  • Profit Sharing

CentrePark receives management fee in the form of profit share (net revenue having been deducted by all operating expenses)



  • Fair and transparent agreement
  • Investment conducted by CentrePark
  • All parking vehicles are covered with parking insurance
  • Direct support from senior management and BOD
  • Comprehensive consultancy for design  and development
  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Support
  • Certainty on timely and qualified project management
  • Hassle-free guarantee



We develop sophisticated online parking system which shall be well integrated to all parking hardware and may be adjusted to the requirement of each client.


CentrePark also provides key staffs in each parking facility managed.